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About Mindful Genomics

We combine science, technology and mindful practices to design unique individual programs.  Our goal is to restore balance in our mind, body and soul. When provided with the appropriate fuel and resource, the human body is an incredible machine capable of growth, repair and healing.  However, we all have individual needs and there is no one size fits all.  Before genetics, we trial and error, get distracted by new trends and struggle to stick to any sustainable plans. Well, we now have a solution for you.  With a simple saliva sample, we can individualize diet, exercise and anti-stress programs based on your genetic profile, predispositions and current lifestyle. We are all different and strongly influenced by our genetics, sex, age, upbringing and lifestyle.  We strongly believe that working from the basics (your genetic blueprint), restoring our bodies’ balance (with personalized nutrition, exercise and mindful practices) are the key first steps in achieving any goals.  When the body is in balance, its own healing power is way greater than any medicine a doctor can prescribe. With the tools and choices in our hands, we can let the body do what it does best.


We adopt a holistic approach to wellness, fully backed by science, which includes:

1: Understanding your genetic blueprint

2. Personalising your fitness and nutrition  

3. Incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life

Be the Best You.


Trust me!  The changes to your body by targeted approaches are way more profound and sustainable!!!


About Melisa Fu O'Connor

Hi! I’m Melisa Fu O’Connor, your Holistic Wellness Coach.  Graduated as a Nutritionist from The University of British Columbia, Canada, I have been involved both personally and professionally in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, I also enjoy incorporating exercise and mindful practices into diets, based on each client’s unique lifestyle and goals. My recent studies and focus in the field of genetics have pushed my passion and knowledge even further towards optimizing health individually and holistically. Individualisation through genetics brings wellness to a much deeper level.  Our bodies are the most powerful healers of our own.  However, stress, poor diet, lack of rest and exercise have been constantly throwing us off balance. I strongly believe that good mental and physical health foundations are the first and foremost priorities to everlasting happiness, health and longevity. Practicing self-care is our way to restore that balance and be in charge of our own wellbeing.

Because each of you are unique and your genes speak a lot about your nature, allow me to guide you through this amazing self-discovery journey towards better growth and fulfilment.  My approach doesn’t only include knowledge backed by science, but also well proven mindful practices (meditation, sound baths etc.) that will bring your overall wellness to a whole new level. My programs provide sustainable solutions to reduce stress and pain, improve sleep and energy, advice on nutrition, diet and exercise.   With the privileged knowledge of your genetic makeup, programs can be highly individualised and effects are proven to be long lasting.

My passion is to share this powerful knowledge about you, with you, individually.  

My commitment to you isn’t for the short-term. If you don’t know where to start, it will be my pleasure to guide you. Fad diets and workouts may or may not be suitable for you, let’s look within yourself to find what your body needs.  We can do this together, come and be inspired.

What to expect from my sessions?  A sustainable lifestyle that is uniquely designed for you.    As a wellness coach, I am your guide in becoming the BEST you.  We will discuss limitations, stresses and come up with a goal and action plan together.  My programs cover physical and mental goals based on your personal needs.  You will receive individualised diet, fitness and mindful practices based on your goals. The genetics test is completely optional but provides reassurance with actionable insights toward your individuality.  We can also discuss spirituality at a level you are comfortable with.  Last but not least, I specialise and often indulge myself in sound baths.  I recommend you do the same! Vibrations (good vibes) of the gong are very effective in restoring balance in our physical and mental bodies.  The best part of this is…it’s effortless!  You don’t have to do anything but lay down and be comfortably relaxed. Doesn’t this sound good already??

I have four children and can't stress enough how important work-life balance is to everyone of us. I know what a sustainable lifestyle means to true happiness.

My sessions and programs are super flexible and dynamic.  Sign up for your exploration session today.