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Take the South Island Line from Admiralty and alight at Wong Chuk Hang Station.  Take exit B.  Walk along the pedestrian overpass, bear right and walk to the very end of the walkway.  Proceed down a flight of steps and turn left.  You will be on Yip Kan St  (the back entrance of Lee fund Centre).  Turn left and we are the third building on the left. The second building is Genesis (black and yellow).  Our building has a fire hydrant in front of it.   Take the service lifts to Floor 21


Octopus parking can be found in the Southmark Building. The entrance to Southmark parking is on Tong Bin Lane, park on the lowest parking level LG5, exit the building past the Schroff office onto Yip Kan Street and cross the road to Lee Fund Centre.

You can also park on Yip Kan Street at night safely.


Immediately in front of the building are two yellow lines on the road indicating ‘no stopping zones’.  Thus the nearest bus stop from Central is directly across the street and it is the FIRST stop immediately after passing through the stoplight. From Aberdeen, the closest bus stop is just at the start of the flyover.
Bus from Central Ferry Pier : 37B, 71, 71P
Bus from Exchange Square : 43X, 70 (express bus), 75, 90, 97, M590  
Bus from Macau Ferry Pier : N90
Bus from Admiralty & Wan Chai : 37A, 37X, 70M, 590A, 35
Bus from Causeway Bay : 76, 92, 96, 592
Bus from Kennedy Town : 47P
Bus from Stanley & Repulse Bay : 73, 973, 374
Bus from Kowloon Bay : 107, 107P


Stanely to Aberdeen : 52
Cyberport to Quarry Bay : 69
Kennedy Town (North St) to Shum Wan : 58


Please note: After 1800 the main entrance of Lee Fund Centre facing Wong Chuk Hang Rd is locked. You must enter through the back of the building. So if you are looking at the entrance, turn left and keep the glass block wall on your right, proceed down the alleyway to Yip Kan St and enter through the garage using the freight lifts.

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