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90 Days of Wellness Coaching

90 Days of Wellness Coaching


12 weekly sessions with cutting edge products and services to help you reach your wellness goals faster and easier.  


This is the time to experience change and transformation in being the REAL and AUTHENTIC YOU.


Depending on your needs and beliefs, you will receive genetics testing, customised supplements, continuous glucose monitors, sound therapy, breathwork, meditation, yoga and energy work. This 90-day Wellness Coaching Program comes with products and services valued over $30,000.


We will meet an hour a week for 12 weeks (in-person or online).  We will set very clear and acheivable goals with numerous products that are valuable tools in helping you acheive your goals.  


We are all on different paths and this path belongs to you.  However, you are not alone and I'll be there to shine that light for you. 

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