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DNA Personalised Supplements

DNA Personalised Supplements


Get your own unique formulation of vitamin, minerals and micronutrients based on your genetic needs and current lifestyle.  We acquired a patented algorithm that blends specific types and amounts of high-bioavailability vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your body needs into a single, unique drink mix where taste, efficacy and safe consumption are optimised.  Comes in 3 refreshing flavors: Orange, Pineapple and Mixed Berries. One bottle per month.


For full customization based on your age, sex and lifestyle, a questionnaire will be sent to you shortly after your purchase. 


*Order with or after you have purchased your Wellness 360 test.

  • Customised supplements are formulated according to your DNA results using a patented alghorithm which analyses and adjusts the portions of ingredient so efficacy and safe consumption are optimised.

    Each bottle contains essential vitamins and minerals that meets your daily individual needs for 30 days. 

  • Due to the nature that all of our personalized products are produced individually to order.  All products are non-refundable.

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