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Optimal Wellness Longevity Genetics Test

Optimal Wellness Longevity Genetics Test


The first of its kind longevity DNA test.

Empowering you with the most actionable and

customized lifestyle advice.

Through a simple, painless saliva sample, optimize your

way to your best health for the best years of your life.


33 insights into your DNA to enhance energy and vitality for the activities you enjoy.




Hearing Loss

Male Baldness

Kidney Stone

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Varicose Veins

Cognitive Function

Declarative Memory Decline

Information Processing Speed Decline

Inflammation & Mobility

Joint Inflammation

Inflammatory Biomarkers

Sleep Quality


Poor Sleep Depth and more...


  • Once your purchase is made, we will be sending you a sample collection kit with very simple instructions to provide your saliva sample. After receiving your sample, your report will arrive in 3-4 weeks via email.  We will also contact you to set up a 45-minute appointment with our genetic consultant after the report is available.

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