Personality and Talents Test

Personality and Talents Test


An insightful DNA test for children of all ages covering more than

1,900 genes related to personality, talent, and health & diet. Includes practical parenting tips written by licensed child psychologist to optimize children's personal development for future success.


34 Insights Include:


• Vegetable Intake • Noice Sensitivity • Early Obesity Onset • Elite Endurance • Reading and Spelling Difficulty • Periodontitis
• Musical Performance • Canker Sores

• Verbal and Numerical Reasoning • Sweet Tooth
• Motion Sickness • Educational Attainment


  • Once your purchase is made, we will be sending you a sample collection kit with very simple instructions to provide your saliva sample. After receiving your sample, your report will arrive in 3-4 weeks via email.  We will also contact you to set up a 45-minute appointment with our genetic consultant after the report is available.