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Wellness 360 Genetics Test

Wellness 360 Genetics Test


Your ultimate wellness genetics report covering fitness, diet and nutrition, and your skin health.  Over 1,200 genes were access in our CAP accredited laboratory covering insights regarding athletic performance, muscle properties, weight management, injury risks, potential vitamin, mineral and nutritent deficiencies, food sensitivities, diet management, as well as, skin health, aging and sensitivity.


Your report will assess 55 genetic traits related to your wellness blueprint.  One-on-one consulation is included to provide recommendations and targeted programs uniquely designed for you.


Personalized supplements and skin serums formulated to your unique genetic needs, each made to order, can be purchased separately.  Add them to your basket now!

  • Once your purchase is made, we will be sending you a sample collection kit with very simple instructions to provide your saliva sample. After receiving your sample, your report will arrive in 3-4 weeks via email.  We will also contact you to set up a 45-minute appointment with our genetic consultant after the report is available.

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