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2023 Special Supplements Bundle

2023 Special Supplements Bundle


Special Bundle Offer - Buy 12 customised powdered supplements and get the Wellness 360 DNA test for FREE. Offer ends October 31, 2022.


Pay in full or in 3 equal installments*.


Get your own unique formulation of vitamin, minerals and micronutrients based on your genetic needs and current lifestyle. We acquired a patented algorithm that blends specific types and amounts of high-bioavailability vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your body needs into a single, unique drink mix where taste, efficacy and safe consumption are optimised. Comes in 3 refreshing flavors: Orange, Pineapple and Mixed Berries. One bottle per month.For full customization based on your age, sex and lifestyle, a questionnaire will be sent to you shortly after your purchase.


*If paying in 3 installments, make sure you choose the subscription method.

Price Options
One-time purchase
12-Month Bundle
Pay in 3 installments
HK$3,920.00every 4 months for 12 months